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Dangerous Beck Row driver jailed after ramming woman's car at least four times in Cambridge

A dangerous driver from Beck Row who rammed a woman's car at least four times with her children in the vehicle has been jailed.

Bonnie Falco, 33, intentionally rammed the Renault Clio when driving her brother's VW Golf in Cambridge on August 22.

The victim was at The Mermaid Fish and Chip shop on Green End Road with her sister at about 6.40pm when Falco pulled in front of her car and asked her for a fight.

Damage to the Renault Clio(26636685)
Damage to the Renault Clio(26636685)

The woman, who knew Falco, declined and told her that she had her kids in the car with her. She got in her car and drove away after Falco began walking towards her.

She was followed by Falco in the VW Golf, and once she reached the junction of Scotland Road the back of her car was rammed at least twice by Falco.

Falco then aggressively rammed the woman’s car again, this time at least two times to the driver’s side, which caused significant damage to the car and a smashed window.

Damage to the Renault Clio(26636681)
Damage to the Renault Clio(26636681)

Falco, of Willow Park in Beck Row, then left the scene and the police were called.

In police interview she denied intentionally ramming the car and said she didn’t know the woman had her children in the vehicle with her.

She claimed she only rammed the woman’s car because her own car was hit from behind.

When challenged by officers that an independent witness had seen her ram the victim’s car at least four times, Falco accused the witness of lying.

But, at a Cambridge Crown Court hearing last month, she pleaded guilty to criminal damage and dangerous driving on the day her trial was due to start.

PC Carl Brothwood, who investigated, said: “Falco put herself and other road users at risk by getting behind the wheel of her brother’s car and driving the way she did.

“Both the victim and her children were understandably very frightened during this nasty incident.

“Falco thought she could drive dangerously and get away with it, but she was wrong and justice has now caught up with her.

“I’m glad we have managed to take her off the road and hope this sends a strong message that we will take positive action against bad drivers on the roads of Cambridgeshire.”

Sentencing Falco at the same court on Friday, Judge Jonathan Cooper said he had to consider the appropriate sentence for someone who ‘deliberately rams a car with a child in it’.

Handing her four months in prison, he added that ‘people must know that conduct like yours must lead to immediate custody’.

Falco was also disqualified from driving for 19 months and ordered to complete an extended retest.