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Flagship Housing told to do more by Newmarket Town Council

Newmarket's memorial hall, where the town council meets (6715684)
Newmarket's memorial hall, where the town council meets (6715684)

Town councillors have called on housing association Flagship to do more for its tenants in Newmarket.

Members of the council’s community services committee grilled Sam Greenacre, the association’s head of housing, for nearly half an hour when he gave a presentation to members last week.

Cllr Peter Hulbert asked that a Flagship adviser be available at least one day a week in the district council’s office in The Guineas to deal with clients’ issues.

And he and Cllr Michael Anderson said the association should look at improving the lifts in the Icewell Hill flats. “They are tiny, about three foot by three foot,” said Cllr Hulbert.

“You are told in case of emergency to use the phone, but there is no phone.”

Cllr Anderson said: “Parents cannot get into the lift with a buggy so they have to carry them up the stairs. The lift shafts are big enough to have larger lifts.”

Mr Greenacre said he would look into the issues and agreed to come back to the committee’s next meeting on February 11 with answers to some of the councillors’ questions.

He said he had only been in post since June and admitted he had not yet visited any of the Flagship-owned properties in Newmarket.

He told councillors Flagship had around 24,000 properties across the eastern region.

“There is a lot of demand,” he said.