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Newmarket landlady believes ghost of New Wellington pub is responsible for glasses exploding

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A Newmarket landlady has said she is convinced a ghost is responsible for unexplained incidents involving beer glasses in her pub.

Georgina Sampson, who has been landlady of the New Wellington pub in Cheveley Road for 11 years, has had a glass break neatly in half in her hand while pouring a drink, and on other occasions, a glass has slid off a table without being touched.

Meanwhile, a pint has exploded on the same table without being touched. The two latter incidents can be seen below in CCTV footage from the pub.

"It is mainly glasses smashing but we have definitely felt like we’ve seen something go past us several times before. Like a shadow or presence," said Georgina.

"We’ve definitely all got used to it and I don’t think it’s a nasty ghost.

"I do believe in ghosts ever since I witnessed seeing one in my old pub too, but this has convinced me more.

"The customers who witnessed the glasses were shocked and very confused. I think people always try and talk themselves out of it like there must be a more logical answer but I know for a fact I didn’t serve it in a hot glass or anything like that.

"It's a talking point among customers, and my mum just said she heard some funny noises yesterday too.

"We had the camera installed 18 months ago, so we've noticed things more on the footage, whereas previously we may not have thought much of a broken glass and think someone had knocked it over."

The New Wellington pub was licensed as a pub in 1932, with the building having also been used as a vet's practice prior to that, with little information available on its earliest uses.