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Newmarket Journal readers' letters

Litter, Brexit and the lack of a vaccination base in the town are among this week's topics.


During my daily walks I have noticed the growing amount of litter discarded on the grass verges and hedgerows that line the roads leading from my village of Moulton.

Beer cans and bottles were amongst the litter collected
Beer cans and bottles were amongst the litter collected

So I decided to do a litter pick on a short stretch of one-and-a-quarter miles from Cheveley Park Stud along Newmarket Road to Maltings Close. This resulted in three bags of litter – something that did not surprise me.

The most worrying thing about this litter was that there were a total of 109 beer cans, yes 109 thrown on to the grass verges. Does this indicate that the amount of drink-drivers is increasing?

I also did a litter pick along the road from Moulton school to the Boy’s Grave and only collected 15 cans but the type of drinker was much more upmarket with one gin, five beer and one wine bottle collected.

Making our planet more litter free starts in our own back yard, so I plead with all those who pass through our village to take home your litter and save the drinking till you get home.

Christine Grant, Moulton


Steve Britt (Journal, January 7) is indeed fortunate that his logistics sector is to benefit from the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Others will not be so lucky.

Take the case of Peter Wood who has had a small business which exports glass eels to the EU for 50 years employing 10 staff and turning over about £2 million annually – he voted to leave but now believes that his business is unlikely to survive. All his customers are in the EU and, although he has all the required documentation for export (I thought Brexit meant less red tape?), his customers also have to produce a raft of documentation to import his product, so why should they buy from him when they can more easily buy from another producer in the EU?

Or how about British touring musicians? The Government has just rejected the offer of visa-free tours by musicians to EU countries, and is blaming Brussels when the reality is that the Government insisted on denying that to EU artists visiting this country. Future tours will have to be abandoned, at a time when musicians are already reeling from the impact of Covid-19.

I am also glad Steve Britt is able to adopt a sanguine tone over the future of the fishing industry – which was always of symbolic rather than economic importance, constituting a fraction of the UK’s economy. Suffice to say his optimism is not shared by Andrew Locker, skipper and chairman of The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations – another Leave voter who feels ‘angry, disappointed and betrayed’.

Julia Young, West Suffolk for the EU


Peter Cresswell (Letters, January 14) writes, logically as ever, on the question of whether the jigsaw piece of Newmarket fits best into West Suffolk Council (WSC) or East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC).

I would suggest that the ECDC wards of Wood Ditton, Bottisham and Fordham and Isleham look on Newmarket as their ‘home town’, rather than Ely.

In light of prospective housing development in these wards, which would use the Newmarket infrastructure, I would suggest there should be greater cross-boundary involvement and responsibility.

One particular aspect is a recycling facility in Newmarket.

It might be that boundary changes could see Newmarket joining ECDC or the three ECDC wards joining WSC. Currently, I suggest, it seems that ECDC is Ely-centric and the ‘Newmarket End’ ignored. Some might suggest that Newmarket is similarly ignored by WSC and Suffolk County Council.

Cllr Andrew Appleby, Newmarket


The Covid vaccination debacle is an absolute disgrace. How on earth are the elderly in our community expected to get to Mildenhall if they don’t drive?

The Mildenhall bus service is sporadic and there is no service on Sunday. There can be no offer of a lift during lockdown and taxis are too expensive.

Someone has to speak up for the elderly in our community and some consideration should have been given for a further vaccination centre here in Newmarket.

Don’t the town’s 16,500 residents deserve this?

When did Newmarket become such a non-entity?

First we lost our hospital’s accident and emergency department, then our general hospital, then the court, the police station and the recycling centre and Matt Hancock is our MP.

Whatever did Newmarket do to deserve all these closures ?

Tracy Clarke, Croft Road, Newmarket

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