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The cost of the police, vaccinations and some praise for litter pickers in this week's mailbag.


Here we go again, the Government has stated that it will supply 20,000 new police officers in the coming year(s).

PCC Tim Passmore has increased the police share of the Council Tax precept
PCC Tim Passmore has increased the police share of the Council Tax precept

Newmarket Town Council, yes Newmarket Town Council, is paying circa £32,000 per year for its own PCSO.

We have a new police station which is not manned. Try calling 101, I have a couple of times – they put you on hold but in each case I gave up after waiting some 10 minutes.

And yet our police and crime commissioner wants even more money. Every year we hear the same sad plea – in the last five years the police precept has risen by, on average, 4.7 per cent, that’s way above inflation rates.

Mr Passmore needs to look at his budget with more care and intention. This year has been a very difficult for many of our citizens and the last thing they want are excessive increases in our Council Tax.

Alan Balcomb, Croft Road, Newmarket


I am writing with reference to the new scheme at the Walter Gidney pavilion in Soham (Newmarket Journal, January 21).

I think it is a very good idea. My only concern us that in approaching the building at the moment on the green there is a very large tree, a Tree of Heaven. My mother, Mrs S Waldon, myself and our family had that tree planted 34 years ago and placed a bronze plaque in memory of my father Mr A D Waldon, who was chairman of the British Legion for several years.

My mother who is approaching 99 years of age would be so very upset if it were to be taken down. Please could we be assured this will not happen.

Mrs G Manning, Toyse Close, Burwell


Environmentally minded residents throughout Mildenhall High Town have continued to tackle litter with volunteers showing bags of commitment with litter picking.

Mildenhall is being recognised as a tidy town amongst its residents, local businesses, schools, local authorities, and the wider community for its continued community effort to Keep Britain Tidy.

Volunteers currently carry out individual litter picks or in small family bubbles spread out across the town in a collective effort to pick up the litter dropped on our streets and open spaces whilst adhering to current government guidelines.

Long before the pandemic, volunteers started to spruce up the town and over the past year the number of volunteers has sharply risen, creating a positive impact on the town and the wider community.

Many pupils from St Mary’s CofE Academy and Great Heath Academy have been seen out and about with their parent(s) getting great exercise and in addition keeping the environment clean, tidy and litter free. The town has volunteers of all ages involved.

The drive has been partly due to volunteers communicating and sharing thoughts around target areas as well as sharing pictures as part of the Mildenhall HighTownTidy user page on Facebook.

Cllr Richard John Alecock, Mildenhall High Town Councillor


A news item pops up on my phone: ‘Newmarket racecourse set to begin vaccinations tomorrow’.

That’s a surprise, I thought the memorial hall was going to be used for that sometime in the next few months (or years). Just how long does it take to organise something like that?

What puzzles me is why it was such a surprise?

Presumably, if the memorial hall does end up being used for administering Covid-19 vaccinations it will be for Mildenhall residents only. I’m writing this lunchtime Saturday January 30, 2021, presumably everything will have changed by tomorrow or Thursday.

I seem to remember a phrase along the lines of organising a party in a brewery or something like that, the wording might not be right but never mind.

Regardless, I hope things get moving very quickly and we all start seeing the light at the end of this horrible, dark pandemic tunnel.

Mike Mingay, via email


Regarding the Journal’s report ‘Council now five members down’ (January 28), following a career change, and a resulting move away from Newmarket, it is with regret that I have resigned from Newmarket Town Council.

I am very grateful to those Studlands residents who voted for me, the NTC staff, and my colleagues on the council, and wish you all the very best for the future.

Ollie Bowen, via email

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