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Newmarket Journal readers' letters to the editor

The local elections, planning and the chance for children to design a postage stamp are among this week's topics.


John Bone refers to Craig Warren wearing an independent hat in the town council by election but a Labour one in the county council election.

Newmarket voters go to the polls on May 6
Newmarket voters go to the polls on May 6

He has overlooked that four Independent candidates at the local by-elections are former Conservatives and would possibly vote for such in a general election.

The reason for these defections dates even further back than Rachel Hood, as mayor, using her casting vote to implement Andy Drummond’s ‘cunning plan’ to exclude non-Conservatives from committees in May 2019.

These by-elections have arisen through four Conservative resignations, including, most recently, Tom Kerby, the deputy mayor.

Four other seats have become vacant due to a sad death, ill health, moving away, and personal reasons.

Under Michael Jeffery’s mayorship there has been greater co-operation and inclusivity without any suggestion of indulging in party political dogma or abuse of power, and the town has been better served as a result.

All the independent candidates at the town by-elections are all committed to continuing this spirit of co-operation and inclusivity to get things done for the betterment of all.

Douglas Hall, Newmarket


I write further to the Journal articles of last week (April 22)regarding the candidates standing in the upcoming elections and comment from John Bone.

Firstly, as per my comment in the paper, I believe that, at town council level, councillors should be able to act and work with each other and with residents for the betterment of the town they are representing. I can understand that my standing as an Independent candidate at one level and under a Labour banner at another will seem odd to many.

For those who will undoubtedly question as to whether if elected to town council, I will truly be independent and where in fact my loyalties lie, I say this. At heart, I am a socialist. I always will be and I make no bones about hiding that fact. I know that to some socialism is a big scary bogeyman, but is it bad to want to ensure that those most vulnerable and those who are in need of support and help get that help?

Given this, and considering that some of the other Independent candidates, of whom I share a leaflet with, have or have previously had links and affiliations to the Conservative Party, I would argue that this shows my greater willingness to forgo party politics at town council level and work together to change the town for the better.

On a final note, I propose and invite members of the public, candidates and councillors of all stripes to work with me with the aim of creating a community land trust organisation to develop and manage land for the building of houses, workspaces and community enterprises.

Craig Warren, Newmarket


The once pretty village of Burwell is now one vast building site having fallen prey to the grasping property developer.

The hundreds of new houses soon to be built along Newmarket Road will place an intolerable strain on infrastructure and flood the already busy roads with traffic.

Once Burwell was surrounded by meadows, orchards and woodland filled with wild flowers and butterflies. The streams were filled with fish and the ditches with frogs’ spawn. Now all have gone, swept away in an orgy of destruction.

I have to smile when I hear people say what a lovely village Burwell is. Then again I suppose what people have never seen they will never miss.

Michael Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell


I hope parents will encourage their children to take part in Royal Mail’s stamp design competition, to honour the heroes of the pandemic. The competition is open to children, aged four to 14. Eight designs will be chosen to become stamps which will be on sale across the UK.

The competition is open until Friday, May 28.

A special panel of judges will select the winners.

As with all Special Stamps, the final eight designs will be sent to The Queen before they can be printed and issued as stamps. The winners will be announced in the autumn.

We cannot wait to see who children choose to honour on their stamp.

The past year has been very difficult for everyone, so let’s show the heroes of the pandemic just how much we appreciate what they have done for us.

Full details can be found at www.royalmail.com/stampcompetition

David Gold, Royal Mail

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