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The debate over the combination of horses and cars on Newmarket's roads continues.


The answer to John Bone’s question as to which of motors or horses has ‘first rights on an English public highway’ is that neither do.

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

No user of the public highway has any greater right over another, be they riders, drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, horses, sheep, cows, ducks or newspaper columnists.

Even in the instance where the Highway Code ascribes vehicles on major roads priority over vehicles on minor roads this does not give the first the right to blithely crash into the second should they stray on to the major road at an inopportune moment.

However, in the case of vehicles and horses in Newmarket, it makes sense for the first to defer to the latter but equally it makes sense that riders do not put themselves, horses or others at risk.

Riders and drivers owe each other a duty of care as equal users of highways.

There are a number of issues re horse/vehicle conflict in Newmarket which have increased as the number of vehicles and horses have increased over the years. As chair of the town council’s neighbourhood plan committee I plan that these will be addressed.

Cllr Andrew Appleby, Newmarket


We enjoyed reading Alison Hayes’s article on Jack Jarvis’s wedding.

She mentioned Waterwitch House. When I first came to Newmarket with Fred Winter senior in 1963 I had a flat in the yard there.

I also had a flat in Marlborough House which Isabel Jarvis owned. She was a lovely lady.

I also worked for Harvey Leader, at Shalfleet, my how that place has been improved.

Thank you it was very enlightening on how many trainers had united with other racing families.

Ian and Sue Willows, Newmarket


The report in last week’s Journal outlining the proposed changes in parliamentary constituencies, highlights once again the absurdity of Newmarket being split by the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire county border, and in this case by the retention of a constituency border as well.

Having been a district councillor for many years, representing what was then Cheveley Ward, which incorporated the Cambridgeshire part of Newmarket, I know only too well the problems associated by this issue.

For example, if crimes are committed in the Cambridgeshire part of the town, police have to travel from Ely to investigate. I have always advocated that this is ludicrous. This problem was highlighted in a letter from Ted Landymore, which you published last week.

One only has to glance at a map to see the extent to which Newmarket is out on a limb on the edge of Suffolk. The town is surrounded by villages that are in Cambridgeshire. This is something that needs to be addressed and the time is now.

Back in 2011, there was a proposal by the Boundary Commission to form a new parliamentary constituency merging Newmarket and Ely. I submit that would be infinitely more sensible than the proposal that is currently on the table.

I urge anyone sharing my views to write to the Boundary Commission at 1 Drummond Gate, London SW1V 2QQ in accordance with the current statutory consultation period that ends on August 2, 2021.

Further details are available on their website.

Peter Cresswell, Newmarket


EU citizens living in the UK have until June 30 to apply for settled status.

People who miss this deadline are at risk of losing their right to live and work in the UK.

There are concerns that many people have not been made aware of the requirement to apply, particularly in the case of children (in some cases, even those born in the UK), and the very elderly.

More information on settled status (and the related pre-settled status, which requires further action to remain in the country after five years) is available at www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families, and at the website of the charity Settled settled.org.uk

Andrew Gillett, Weston Way, Newmarket

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