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Newmarket: White Lion and Queensbury Lodge refurbishments form part of re-tabled plans to build 123 homes

An application for a Newmarket development featuring up to 123 new homes has been brought back to the table a year after it's first incarnation was submitted to West Suffolk Council.

The outline planning permission application has been made by Unex Group, of which racehorse owner Bill Gredley is the current chairman, and will include a convenience store, the refurbishment of the former White Lion pub and the restoration of Queensbury Lodge and its cottage and stables as a training yard.

Mr Gredley’s revious applications and appeals relating to the site, which has been in a state of disrepair for decades, have all been rejected.

The entrance to the site will run alongside the White Lion.
The entrance to the site will run alongside the White Lion.

The prospects for this latest application, however are looking promising, with Newmarket Town Council having already offered its support earlier this month.

In a document submitted in relation to the application, the town council said: “We support the application, subject to there being no vehicular (other than emergency) access onto Rowley Drive with only pedestrian and cycle access over the horsewalk.

The Committee looks forward to seeing detailed plans to improve an important entrance to the Town.”

Access to the site, which has been a sticking point in previous applications, is yet to be finalised, although the developer has earmarked the High Street as the main access point.

The main vehicle entrance is to run beside the White Lion, with a convenience store built at the entrance beside the petrol station.

A horse path and crossing are also planned along the border with Rowley Drive, along with a pedestrian and cycle route through Falmouth Avenue.

Despite the proposed restoration work to buildings which have been an eyesore on the High Street for more than 30 years, some residents still have concerns over the site.

At the time of going to press, more than a dozen residents have lodged objections to the application.

One resident, who lives on Falmouth Avenue said: “Falmouth Avenue is a private road which is maintained by residents. There is a risk of those living in the proposed development parking in our private avenue.

“The proposed position of the convenience store and main access point will create more havoc. This is a very difficult and dangerous junction already.”

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