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Mildenhall's bikers help raise charity cash for Cancer Research UK

Up to 80 bikers turned up at a Mildenhall pub for the town’s first motorbike show for 12 years.

The event used to be held at the former Globe public house but after it shut its doors in 2007, it was also the end of the road for for the annual show.

But on Saturday August 10, thanks to Dawn Banfield, the landlady of The Maid’s Head, and her friend Flo Cheyne, the bikers were back for what it is hoped will be just the first of many shows.

Jasmine Burrows and her mum Amanda enjoying the fun at the motorbike show
Jasmine Burrows and her mum Amanda enjoying the fun at the motorbike show

Event organiser Flo said that despite high winds, events went ahead as planned, raising an estimated £500 for cancer research in the name of Mildenhall schoolgirl Jasmine Burrows, who has been battling the disease since last year.

It was touch and go as to whether eight-year-old Jasmine would be able to attend on Saturday after she suffered an adverse reaction to the last of the intensive sessions of chemotherapy she has undergone over the past 34 weeks and was back in Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

But her mother Amanda said Jasmine was feeling well enough to spend some time at the show and to travel for a short holiday this week with her grandparents in Eastbourne.

“She is 100 per cent better,” said Amanda. “She will be having tests including ultrasound, x-ray and blood tests for the next three months but we are all keeping our fingers crossed that she is now well on the road to recovery.

“I have every faith that she is.”

It was the end of last year when a tumour was found on Jasmine’s right kidney, which had to be removed. She was also found to be suffering from Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, a rare condition affecting only around 1 in 125,000 children.

Jasmine’’s supporters have now raised around £4,700 for Cancer Research UK, with more money to come in and further events planned.

“It was my way of trying to give something back for all the support and care we have had and are continuing to have,” said Amanda.

The family, who live in Melbourne Drive, Mildenhall, are now looking forward to getting back to normal. Jasmine will be back at St Mary’s Primary School after the holidays and big brother Jacob, who deferred part of his Business Studies course at the University of Nottingham and Trent to support his mother and sister, will be resuming his course.