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Newmarket's MP Matt Hancock keeps top government job after Boris Johnson's cabinet clear out

Newmarket MP Matt Hancock has kept his top job despite one of the most brutal cabinet clear outs in history.

Today Boris Johnson announced Mr Hancock would continue his position as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care - continuing to serve as a cabinet minister.

The MP for West Suffolk went into Downing Street just before 7pm to meet with the new prime minister.

Health secretary Matt Hancock with Cliff Evans, Consultant Nurses (14254031)
Health secretary Matt Hancock with Cliff Evans, Consultant Nurses (14254031)

He is one of only a handful of ministers to have kept a job at the top table which served under Theresa May’s premiership.

Big hitters like Jeremy Hunt, Penny Mordant, and Liam Fox have been cast off to the backbenches.

At one point Mr Hancock was a rival to Boris Johnson, but dropped out of the campaign after he scraped through to the second round of the Conservative leadership contest.

Days later he backed Mr Johnson.

Unlike the prime minister, who led the Leave campaign in the 2016 EU referendum, Mr Hancock backed remain. He has since said the county has to leave the bloc.

Outside Number 10 today in his first speech as prime minister, Mr Johnson said he “wanted to change the country for the better” and that “the buck stops here”.

As well as making sure the United Kingdom leaves the European Union by the end of October with ‘no ifs or buts’, he put the NHS as one of his main priorities - which Mr Hancock will be responsible for overseeing.

The prime minister said: “My job is to make sure you don’t have to wait three weeks to see your GP and we start work this week with 20 new hospital upgrades, and ensuring that money for the NHS really does get to the front line.

“My job is to protect you or your parents or grandparents from the fear of having to sell your home to pay for the costs of care and so I am announcing now – on the steps of Downing Street – that we will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.”