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The town council PCSO row rumbles on in this week's letters – plus the lack of Covid jabs for town residents.


The Newmarket Journal reported that Soham is rolling out the Covid 19 vaccine to the elderly and vulnerable residents. It goes on to say that Newmarket, Red Lodge, Mildenhall and Lakenheath, Matt Hancock’s constituency, will not receive the vaccine until later in January 2021.

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

I now understand vaccinations will hopefully commence on January 11, 2021, nearly a month later.

By delaying Newmarket and surrounding areas our aged and vulnerable people are being denied access to a more normal life as soon as possible. I wonder why Newmarket is unable to offer the same treatment as our neighbours?

Margaret Butcher, Newmarket


When is an apology not an apology?

When it is delivered by Cllr Drummond after another of his infamous outbursts on the letters page of the Journal.

After yet another of his little rants, our self-proclaimed champion of the council thinks it is okay to write his reflections of the handling of the PCSO issue and offer a token apology, but the way it is written deflects from the actual apology.

He did exactly the same to the acting town council manager six months previously, apologised in such a way as to not actually apologise.

Proving that Cllr Drummond is continuing to play his little political games, to continue to hold the town council, its councillors and our town in utter contempt.

Ian Young, Engelhard Road, Newmarket


Well, Cllr Andy Drummond in his letter of December 24 sort of apologised for his previous letter of December 3 but also sort of suggested it was the fault of others that he was so incensed that he indulged in outrageous insults of fellow councillors.

I would suggest that councillors should at all times be cool, calm and collected; decision making must be objective and bouts of passion best left to presidents.

Luckily now is the ideal time for Cllr Drummond to resolve to mend his ways in 2021.

I wonder if John Bone was over-imbued with Christmas spirits when writing his last column of of 2020.

Heaven forfend that council chambers should have the level of debate frequently seen in Westminster, where glib remarks and sound bites seem all too often the order of the day, with the majority party complacent that its members will vote as they are told. That is the reality of party politics. Real politics seeks solutions to common and mutual problems.

I became an Independent not least because I saw no point in voting against sensible policies when proposed by the lead party at Forest Heath District Council, which, if it had still existed, would have had 14 Independents and only seven Conservatives at the 2019 election. The role of all councillors should be to act in the best interests of residents and suggest, comment and criticise, as appropriate, regardless of political affiliation.

Local government is not a soap opera. It might be entertaining

at times but should not descend

to farce.

Happy New Year to all.

Cllr Andrew Appleby, Newmarket


I was delighted to read the letter (Journal, December 24) from the Independent district councillor for Mildenhall criticising me for me for being political and I thank him for drawing further attention to my campaign to stop the Sunnica solar farm development from surrounding the villages and blighting the lives of the people of Worlington, Freckenham, Mildenhall and Barton Mills.

Whilst joining me in fighting against Sunnica, the councillor creates divide where there should be none. I make no apology for centring my election campaign for the Mildenhall divisional seat for Suffolk County Council squarely against the Sunnica development because the final planning decision will be made by politicians. Politics is all about people and delivering on their aspirations and it is very naïve to suggest otherwise. A wide collation of parish and town councils plus the Conservative district council, the Conservative county council, and now our Conservative member of parliament, are all against the current Sunnica proposal and we will only succeed in stopping it if we remain united.

I would respectfully remind the Independent councillor of Churchill’s wise words that, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” I am standing against Sunnica because, among so many other objections, it is too close to residents’ homes. I would invite the councillor to join me in directing our fire on the common cause, not against a fellow campaigner.

Lance Stanbury, Conservative County Council candidate, Mildenhall

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