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Jury looking into killing of Newmarket mother-of-two expected to retire later today as defence urge them to find murder accused not guilty

The jury looking into whether or not a Newmarket man murdered his ex-girlfriend is expected to retire later today as the trial enters its final phase.

Charles Jessop, 29, has admitted killing Clare Nash at her Brickfields Avenue home in the town on January 16 last year but has denied murdering her. Ipswich Crown Court heard Jessop claim the anti-depressant Citalopram had affected his state of mind.

Keir Monteith, defending, yesterday gave his closing argument and told the jury: "What happened to Clare Nash was terrible. Mr Jessop must be held accountable for what he did, for what he is is responsible for. He must be severely punished for what he did."

Brickfields Avenue, Newmarket (47596044)
Brickfields Avenue, Newmarket (47596044)

Mr Monteith said Jessop was not guilty of murder and added Jessop's use of Citalopram, his personality disorder, and his depression was a 'perfect storm'. He said his client was not 100 per cent responsible because he was mentally unwell at the time of the killing.

"It's not a get out of jail free card. It doesn't mean he shouldn't be punished. It just means the punishment should fit the crime and the crime is manslaughter," he told the jury

He ran the jury through seven points he said proved his client did not murder Miss Nash, and told them Jessop was not thinking rationally at the time of the attack.

Brickfields Avenue, Newmarket (47596033)
Brickfields Avenue, Newmarket (47596033)

Mr Monteith said that Jessop had been telling the truth throughout the time in the witness box, and that none of his evidence was sugar coated. He urged the jury to find his client not guilty.

During the trial, the court has been told Jessop cycled from his home in the town’s Bakers Row to Miss Nash’s house in Studlands Park. When Miss Nash arrived home he then entered the house and stabbed her multiple times. When the kitchen knife Jessop used broke, he then strangled her.

On Monday, Mark Cotter, prosecuting, told the jury Jessop, who he described as ‘unbelievably dangerous’, murdered Miss Nash.

“This defendant has been a ticking time bomb for years and years,” Mr Cotter said. “It was simply a question of which unfortunate soul was going to be in the way when he exploded.”

During his closing remarks, Mr Cotter told the jury Jessop was violent and aggressive long before he had been prescribed Citalopram.

Judge Martyn Levett is expected to complete his summing up later today and the jury is then expected to retire to consider its verdict.

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