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Matt Hancock's constituents give their view on his I'm a Celebrity trials

Matt Hancock's constituents reacted to him facing his sixth trial in I'm a Celeb - with some claiming he's made the town a 'laughing stock' but others saying 'he's been punished enough'.

Last week the West Suffolk MP, 44, joined other celebrities in the Australian jungle to star in the reality TV show, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Speaking today in Newmarket, tactical voter Lorraine Vango, 58, who works at a Greggs bakery, said: "He should get back to his constituents, not be in a jungle getting paid God knows how much money.

Newmarket residents give their opinions on Matt Hancock's, bottom right, time in the jungle so far. Picture: SWNS
Newmarket residents give their opinions on Matt Hancock's, bottom right, time in the jungle so far. Picture: SWNS

"It serves him right, getting every trial. But I preferred it when he was failing the challenges - it was more interesting."

Chris Hensby, 70, who works at an auction house and is a Newmarket Labour voter, said: "I think it's absolutely outrageous - we're a laughing stock.

"If I wrote to him about the buses in Newmarket I think I'd have to wait quite a long time for a reply! I don't approve."

Mr Hancock has so far gone through six gruelling challenges, from eating a camel's penis to being covered in sludge and dead birds.

Last night he crawled through a room of snakes - one of his biggest fears - and won nine out of the 11 stars.

Becky Aldred, 40, Tory voter and mum-of-one, from Newmarket, thinks the British public has gone too far in punishing him.

She said: "They're being a bit mean to him aren't they - the campmates in the jungle?

"He made a mistake with the affair, but who doesn't make mistakes in life? He's owned up to his affair and I think he's been punished enough.

"I do think putting him through every challenge is a bit harsh.

"You've got to treat people the way you want to be treated.

"I bet half of them sitting in the camp have done things as well that haven't been publicised."

Asked if politicians should be held to a higher standard, Becky said: "Probably, but everyone's human. I would vote for him again.

"I don't think he can work for his constituents while he's in the jungle, but he's got people he pays to do that.

"I just think he's probably done it to clear his name a bit. They should put Boris Johnson in the jungle, see what happens then!"

Keziah Eagle, a 48-year-old student who has lived in Newmarket all her life didn't vote for Mr Hancock in the last election, said: "I think he should be in his constituency, but he's had a hard time in the jungle. He should be doing his job though really."

Courtney Dove, 31 works for a mortgage advisor. She didn't vote for the MP in the last election, but said: "I just think it's funny. I can't see how serving his constituents is a massive concern for him right now.

"He's getting paid a lot to be on the other side of the world right now. I think he should step down, but I thought that before so this hasn't changed my opinion.

"I think he should come home and face the music, but I don't particularly want him doing the job anyway."