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Watch as man narrowly avoids head-on crash just outside Newmarket as driver urges people to pay attention to the road

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A man who narrowly avoided a head-on crash after a car went the wrong way along a slip road just outside Newmarket has urged drivers to pay attention to the road.

Jon Burns was driving on the A11 slip road at Six Mile Bottom when a car sped towards him on the wrong side of the road.

In shocking dashcam footage sent to the Journal, the 48-year-old key worker can be seen swerving to avoid the oncoming car on May 29 which only becomes visible when he was just seconds away from hitting the vehicle.

A11 at Six Mile Bottom (36473463)
A11 at Six Mile Bottom (36473463)

"They came around the corner and I slammed on my brakes," said Mr Burns, of Red Lodge. "They went up the road and stopped, came out and saying 'so sorry, so sorry, so sorry'.

"They were four girls going to London for something, but after they didn't seem shocked. They just said their sat nav said turn left so they turned left."

He said he has not reported it to the police because after the near-miss he was in too much shock to get the details of the vehicle or the driver.

"They could have been looking forward to a really nice night but they could have had that night ruined," he said. "They could have killed myself, themselves and their friends. That's five lives."

And Mr Burns, a father of two with another child on the way, feared what could have happened if he had not stopped the driver and said it could have been a 'pile up'.

"People need to pay attention. If you don't know the way stop, look around, and pay attention," he said.