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Impressive funds raised for Sam Norris as Mildenhall Fen Tigers thrash the Thurrock Hammers

It was like 2018 all over again as Ryan Kinsley and captain Danny Ayres led the Mildenhall Fen Tigers to a scintillating 63-27 victory over the Thurrock Hammers on Sunday.

Ayres went through the card unbeaten recording a 15-point maximum while Kinsley was paid 15 from his six rides

With great backing from Jason Edwards and the returning Charlie Brooks with paid 14 and paid 12 respectively, the Fen Tigers were never in danger.

Funds were raised for Sam Norris. Picture: Derek Leader (13208773)
Funds were raised for Sam Norris. Picture: Derek Leader (13208773)

The always lively Rob Ledwith was the best of the visitors with paid 13 from his six rides.

However, the racing was somewhat secondary as the Fen Tigers management dedicated the afternoon to their number 8 Sam Norris, who is currently battling a severe head injury in Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Supporters rose to the occasion with an incredible collection that made just short of £2,000 and when added to a signed t-shirt auction and the sale of Sam Norris t-shirts at the track, the total reached £3,400.

Speaking after an emotional afternoon, co-owner Phil Kirk said: “It has been a special day at Mildenhall Speedway where the supporters have once again shown they are the best in the land.

"We didn’t have our biggest crowd of the season number wise but the response to the collection and the t-shirts sale and auction was incredible and very humbling. To raise £3,400.00 was beyond our wildest dreams and hopes and we can only say a big thank you to everyone who contributed.

"Of course the speedway was secondary today, but the lads put on a super show that we can hopefully take into the remainder of our season and it was great to see Ryan (Kinsley) back in his Fen Tigers kevlars today”


Fen Tigers 63

Danny Ayres 15 (5 rides), Ryan Kinsley 14+1 (6), Jason Edwards 12+2 (5), Charlie Brooks 10+2 (5), Matt Marson 7+2 (5), Elliot Kelly 5+2 (4) and R/R Henry Atkins.

Thurrock 27

Rob Ledwith 12+1 (6 rides), Danny Halsey 6 (5), Richard Andrews 3 (4), Connor King 3 (4), Jordan Palin 2+1 (4), Nathan Stoneman 1 (3) and Sheldon Davies 0 (4)