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How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter with Makeup UK

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Sponsored Editorial: How to take care of your skin in winter, with Makeup UK.

Frost and wind outside, dry indoor air, and sudden changes in temperature and humidity negatively affect the skin condition.

Dryness, redness, and peeling spoil the face appearance and add extra years.

To survive the heating season without harming your skin, make sure to switch to special winter skincare.
To survive the heating season without harming your skin, make sure to switch to special winter skincare.

To survive the heating season without harming your skin, make sure to switch to special winter skincare.

What skin problems can you face in winter?

Winter is not the most favourable period for the skin. It particularly concerns the body skin, which by nature is drier than the facial skin.

Below are the most frequent problems you can face in winter and pieces of advice on avoiding them.

In winter, skin peeling can increase due to a lack of vitamins and moisture. There are several solutions to the problem:

● use mild body scrubs regularly;

● temporarily replace the shower gel with shower oil;

● use moisturisers after a shower.

Additionally to the fact that the skin experiences dryness, it constantly comes into contact with warm clothes.

For this reason, itching sometimes occurs.

It is recommended to wear clothes of soft natural fabrics, for example, cotton or cashmere.

Wearing a coarse wool jumper over your naked body is not a good idea.

If cracks appear on the skin, this is an alarm bell. Most likely, the body is deficient in vitamins.

We advise you to reconsider the diet and include foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, -6 in your daily diet.

Fatty fish, olive oil, and nuts are rich in these substances. And be sure to consult a dermatologist.

How to take care of your body skin in winter

Winter body care should be comprehensive, especially if your skin is dehydrated.

Body care in winter differs little from summer skincare and includes all the same steps:

● Cleansing. Use a soft cream-gel or shower oil for a daily shower.

● Exfoliation. Winter body care involves exfoliating with a gentle scrub or loofah of natural materials. Do this a couple of times a week.

● Moisturising. After each shower and bath, apply a moisturiser or milk to damp skin. You can find appropriate products in the MAKEUP online store.

● Nutrition. Use comfortable nutritional compositions, such as a thick balm or a rich cream. Pay special attention to the skin's driest areas on the elbows, legs, knees.

And what about facial skin?

Facial skin care begins with cleansing.

It is better to use dense nourishing milk in winter. For oily skin, products with mineral additives are suitable, which help eliminate the oily sheen.

If you have a dry epidermis, consider using milk with components that provide intensive nutrition.

The second step is applying a nourishing or moisturising cream.

Dry skin needs deep moisture saturation, while continuous nutrition can be harmful to the oily epidermis because of the formation of a film on the surface and clogged pores.

The most effective products for dry skin contain fatty oils, chitosan and hyaluronic acid.

Products for oily skin should contain lemon balm and cranberries to help maintain moisture.

In severe frosts or during a long stay in the open air in winter, it is worth using products for special skin protection.

High-quality barrier cream will prevent chapping and damage from frost, help the skin regenerate more quickly, and keep your epidermis feeling comfortable.

The composition can include oils and phytoextracts protecting the skin and allowing it to breathe.

Formulas with a high SPF are good if you plan a trip to a ski resort.

To keep your skin beautiful and well-groomed in the cold season, you need to take care of competent, appropriate care, backing it up with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.