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Mid Suffolk could see new rural buses within ‘matter of months’ if £600,000 investment approved

New rural buses could come to a Suffolk district within ‘a matter of months’ if a £600,000 investment wins approval.

Members of Mid Suffolk’s cabinet are due to meet on Tuesday, May 14, to discuss the approval of two grants of £300,000 for the delivery of new rural transport within the district.

Cllr Teresa Davis, who has overseen the investment since being elected, said that if approved, Mid Suffolk could see new buses within a matter of months.

Mid Suffolk could see new rural buses if a £600,000 investment wins approval. Picture: iStock
Mid Suffolk could see new rural buses if a £600,000 investment wins approval. Picture: iStock

She added: “Rural transport was one of the main issues residents in my ward had during last year’s elections; it’s extremely important.

“This is aimed at the whole of the district, to hit the gaps in transport across Mid Suffolk — there are people who can’t use the bus to get to work every day, or go out in the evening. It’s about trying to help people improve their quality of life.”

In February 2022, a budget amendment by the former Green and Liberal Democrat group was agreed to set aside money of investment into zero carbon electric buses.

However, due to the long lead time for the delivery of EV buses, as well as the financial uncertainty behind the new technology, councillors decided to pursue a different strategy in October of last year.

The new approach included investing £600,000 into buses which used a more environmentally friendly type of fuel, such as biofuel.

Despite the setback, Cllr Davis maintained the council’s end goal is for buses in the district to be electric, with the current grants to serve as encouragement for the companies to invest in more sustainable vehicles.