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Breckland Cats Protection appeal to pet owners after animals dumped on Santon Downham Road near Thetford

A volunteer for an animal charity has spoken of her concern, after two cats were dumped from a car, with one of them later dying.

The ‘terrified’ cats ran in different directions after they were left on track 17, off the Santon Downham Road to Thetford, on Saturday afternoon.

One of the animals, an elderly Tom cat, was found a few days later and taken to a vets in Mildenhall – where he later had to be put down.

One of the cats found on the Santon Downham Road had to be put down. Picture: Submitted
One of the cats found on the Santon Downham Road had to be put down. Picture: Submitted

Rita Thompson, who has volunteered for Breckland Cats Protection since 2006, said: “The cat was in a very, very poor condition.

“He had tumours, was malnourished, had rotten teeth and also had hypothyroidism.”

Rita said there was no way to help the cat, who had clearly not seen a vet for some time.

The other cat, also an unneutered male, was found by a member of the public – who has since adopted him and named him Loki.

Loki and the cat that died, are not the only ones that have been dumped in the woods in recent weeks.

Rita is currently caring for a cat that was found nearby heavily pregnant – the cat has now gone on to have healthy kittens despite being severely underweight.

Now the volunteer, who helps hand-rear some kittens, hopes highlighting the issue will stop pet owners from abandoning pets.

She said: “Don’t dump them in the woods, what a terrible thing to do.”

Rita stressed the importance of getting cats neutered.

Breckland Cats Protection, can be contacted on 01842 810018, by anyone that needs help.

They offer £35 towards the cost of neutering a male cat and £50 towards the cost of spaying female cats.

Rita said: “ If more people got their cats neutered, there wouldn't be an excess of cats out there to be abandoned.”

Currently there are a high number of cats being cared for by Cats Protection and other animal charities, with black cats often the most difficult to rehome.

Volunteers believe that the cost of living crisis has contributed to the issue as pet owners are struggling to afford vets bills.

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police said: “The incident occurred on 1 July at around 4.45pm when a member of the public witnessed two cats being thrown from a vehicle.

“All lines of enquiry have been exhausted and the case has been closed. Of course, we would always review any new information provided to us.”