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Pupils at Bacton Primary School near Stowmarket enjoy ‘fun and exciting day’ learning about rockets

Pupils at Bacton Primary School near Stowmarket have reached new heights - learning all about rockets and creating their own to fire into the sky.

The school, in Bacton, was visited by STEM ambassador and science teacher Dave Green this week to learn about space, rockets and how they work.

Year 5 and 6 pupils learned about NASA’s Artemis programme, and its quest to reach the moon, before learning how gas pressure can provide thrust for a rocket.

They then set about making their own rockets out of card and sticky tape before seeing how far they would fly on the school’s playing field.

Mr Green said: “Rockets are great because you can do all kinds of experiments to study how to make them go further and higher.

“We have been looking at how the angle the rocket is launched affects the distance it goes.

“Rockets are an exciting way to get children interested about physics, as well as developing their interest in experimentation.

“It has been a really fun and exciting day and I hope the children have learned some interesting science along the way.”

Sarah King, head of school, said: “We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Green for coming in and teaching the children about rockets.

“It is such a fascinating subject and the children really enjoyed making their own.

“They especially enjoyed launching the rockets on the school field and were very excited to see whose flew the furthest – they were over the moon.

“The children learned a lot about what makes a rocket work, how aerodynamics can affect its flight and how gas pressure works.

“It’s really important to show the children the practical application of what they learn in the classroom, showing that using physics and maths, you can reach the stars.”