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Culture: Coffee revolution; fuelling resolutions

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Paddy & Scott
Paddy & Scott

By now chances are that your new year’s resolutions are either a distant memory or becoming a bit of a struggle. The overindulgence of Christmas is forgotten (though maybe not quite forgiven) and the mornings are still a little too cold and dark to make that pre-work run or stint in the gym seem like a really great prospect.

There’s a reason why some of our most popular Paddy & Scott’s café concessions can be found within leisure centres and gyms; exercise and coffee naturally go hand in hand. While I wouldn’t recommend a big, full fat caramel latte pre-workout; a boost of caffeine before you begin can enhance your performance and keep you energised for longer. Widely recognised for stimulating energy production, one American study found that fitness performance is improved by around 12 per cent for endurance activities.

Even if fitness isn’t your chosen method of self-improvement for 2018, a cup of coffee is still a great choice. It’s widely recognised that caffeine stimulates the brain and supports greater concentration; with some research suggesting that coffee can even help replenish willpower which, let’s face it, is likely to be running pretty low by now!

If your New-Year-New-Me diet resolve begins to flag towards mid-morning, reaching for a coffee can help, the caffeine will. . . and maybe keep you on track. And if that doesn’t temp you with only 5-10 calories, a double shot of espresso supresses your appetite, boosts your metabolism and keeps you focused – you’ll be burning off those mince pies in no time!

Paddy & Scott’s CEO Scott Russell