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Culture: Food and drink - A trusty brew and good for the planet, says Scott Russell from Paddy and Scott's

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Paddy and Scott's cafe in Bury St Edmunds
Paddy and Scott's cafe in Bury St Edmunds

Are you a coffee pioneer? Do you seek the ultimate brew?

Since the government published its 25-year environment plan and the proposed ‘latte levy’ we’ve seen an increase in the questions our customers are firing at us, and rightly so.

Paddy and Scott's have put recycling firmly on their agenda
Paddy and Scott's have put recycling firmly on their agenda

While news to some people, the fact that takeaway coffee cups are damaging to the environment was something we had been considering and challenging for years. Happily, we’ve been walking the walk and getting ahead of the game when it comes to reducing the impact that our caffeine habit has on the planet.

As proud environment champions we were the first UK coffee company to introduce recyclable coffee packaging as standard across our Paddy and Scott’s aromatic range and now we’re proudly one of the first UK high street coffee retailers delivering your flat white in a fully compostable takeaway cup.

Due to stringent recycling systems the majority of the ‘recyclable’ coffee cups on the market are not accepted by general recycling sites. Reportedly less than 0.25 per cent are actually recycled, the rest end up in landfill. No problem for us: since 2016 even the lids of our Paddy and Scott’s coffee cups will compost away; within 12 months there’ll be no trace – trust me, we’ve tested them!

If throwaway culture is not for you; fear not eco-warrior! One simple step can cut landfill and help promote a healthier environment. Everyone who purchases one of our UK made, BPA free, reusable thermal mugs gets their first coffee free.

I expect we will see a greater shift in eco-shopping in the long term, with customers keen to enjoy ‘field to cup’ from our Paddy and Scott’s coffee farm. In the meantime, bring any reusable coffee cup into one of our own cafés and get a 10 per cent discount on your drink. Well, saving the planet should be its own reward, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little incentive too, does it?

Paddy & Scott’s CEO, Scott Russell