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Flooding on residential road in Long Melford results in renewed plea for action to address long-standing drainage issues

Gallons of water spilled across a residential street in Long Melford at the weekend, drawing fresh attention to recurring flooding brought about by long-standing drainage issues.

Councillors have voiced frustrations over the lack of action to address blocked drains at Meeting Field, after the street was flooded on Sunday, encroaching onto several residents’ driveways, due to a leak – the third one reported in the last three years.

It is the latest in a long line of flood reports on the road, stretching back more than a decade, due to root problems within the drains, causing them to frequently overflow during periods of heavy rainfall.

Road flooding at Meeting Field in Long Melford. Picture supplied by John Nunn
Road flooding at Meeting Field in Long Melford. Picture supplied by John Nunn

Suffolk Highways are facing renewed calls to carry out urgent repairs, having previously stated in December 2018 that the site did not score highly enough on its flooding severity matrix to make it a high-priority case, due to the large backlog.

Richard Kemp, county councillor for Long Melford, said he was “getting tired of the public thinking Suffolk County Council do not care”, and urged both them and Anglian Water to take action.

“This has been a problem for a number of years,” he told Suffolk News. “There are root problems which Suffolk County Council have never dealt with.

“I live 100 metres away and I would say this happens at least five times a year, without being assisted by an Anglian Water leak.

“The only efforts are jetting, which is not a long term solution when roots block the pipes.”

In response, a spokeswoman for Suffolk Highways said: "As a result of a few customer reports about drainage concerns along Meeting Field, Long Melford – the gullies will be cleared, which we hope will help alleviate some of the issues.

"As we can see from site inspections, Anglian Water appear to have marked up the area where a leak has been reported.

"Should repairs be required to the highways drainage system, these will be reviewed and considered for future works."

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