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We review The Golfing Hub in Sudbury which uses high end virtual reality to offer more than 300 courses around the world

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How would you like to play 18 holes in sunny Spain? The States? Or perhaps even Brazil? But, only travel as far as Sudbury and do it all from just £30.

This is exactly what I did when I headed down to the Golfing Hub at Middleton Hall Farm!

When I arrived, I was met by Peter Brady, owner and manager at the Golfing Hub along with his business partner and co-owner Adrian Hensby.

Adrian and Peter at The Golfing Hub
Adrian and Peter at The Golfing Hub

They welcomed me into the venue which houses an indoor, state of the art golfing simulator as well as cafe and bar area.

From the beginning, Peter really was the jewel in the crown at the Golfing Hub, he is welcoming and knowledgeable, with a real passion for the services they provide.

Once I arrived, we got straight down to some golf! The venue itself boasts access to over 300 courses around the world between the two systems; Of which, most golfers would never normally get the chance to experience in real life.

The venue's interior
The venue's interior

Who needs the real deal when you can have such high end virtual reality?

The simulator is the ideal opportunity for experienced golfers looking to refine their skills, for those who fancy a round without having to dig out the waterproofs and also for those looking for a fun, unique option for group entertainment.

For all the golfers out there, there’s now no ‘fair weather’ excuse!

The first on offer, and the real star of the show, is Trackman. A world renowned simulator, state of the art in data collection; It’s the perfect tool for teaching, practice and play.

One of The Golfing Hub's simulators
One of The Golfing Hub's simulators

I was so impressed with how multi-faceted this makes the client base. Adults, golfers, non-golfers and children are all invited and in fact, encouraged to attend.

The software measures various elements of the player’s swing such as club head speed or ball speed by using up to 6 cameras to track your swing.

The machine is then only enhanced by its collaboration with the app which allows the player to track and store data from play.

The Golfing Hub
The Golfing Hub

Perhaps the most impressive feature for me, was the exceptional graphic display and the customisation on offer.

Trackman offers the ability to manipulate the high quality graphics by changing multiple elements of the game such as wind speed and the softness of the ground.

This translates literally into fine details, such as the tufts of grass and branches moving at the rate of the wind! Overall, it’s a fantastic solo or group activity; A real experience!

The coffee lounge and bar
The coffee lounge and bar

We then moved over to Golfzon, which I feel suits the more casual player; It works by using a contactless member card.

You scan the screen and select your game using the touch screen; Once you have chosen, the machine automatically brings the ball to the tee and you’re ready to go!

The accessibility of Golfzon plays into the informality and fun of the setting. You really don’t have to be an experienced golfer to enjoy this activity.

The front of the building
The front of the building

For example, Peter encourages visitors to fill the venue with their own music by plugging into the sound bar and there is free wifi available to all.

Peter also mentioned that the space can be hired privately for both birthdays and corporate events. Companies can hire the meeting room upstairs and then use the simulator as part of what would be a fantastic, team building exercise.

Open 10am-10:30pm, 7 days a week, there’s plenty of opportunity to book your slot! All in all, this is a fantastic way to refine your skills or have a go at something new, thoroughly enjoyed.

Plus, if you register now you will receive £10 free credit towards your first visit! What’s not to love?

The Golfing Hub is at Middleton Road, Middleton, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 7LL.

Full info here: https://www.thegolfinghub.co.uk/

Review by Alice Iron