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Is the bus station now moving to Girling Street?

Sudbury bus station could be moving
Sudbury bus station could be moving

Sudbury’s new bus station could now be put solely in Girling Street after residents opposed a split option plan.

In a move that will anger some Girling Street residents, members of Sudbury Steering Group decided to support more research into both the previously preferred option of two station hubs in Girling Street and Great Eastern Road, and a plan to look at putting the station purely in Girling Street.

The move came after feedback from a public exhibition showed overwhelming opposition to any split-site plan, with concerns over accessibility and connectivity.

Many asked for more research into putting the station in the Kingfisher Leisure Centre car park, however, members, led by Chris Storey, had serious concerns over the detrimental impact this could have on the leisure centre.

Instead more research will be done on the viability of a bus station in Girling Street, however Mr Storey, who is chairman of the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, warned he had not spoken to business owners in North Street about the Girling Street plan.

It is recognised that having the station in the Girling Street car park would remove all of the current parking bays, and Mr Storey wanted to be sure this would not have a detrimental impact on nearby businesses.

Simon Barrett, chairman of Sudbury Steering Group, said: “We have shown that we have listened.”

Vice chairman David Holland added: “We must take into account what the public have said and people must know we have listened.

“We don’t have an agenda, we are just trying to do the best for the town.

“Most people said they wanted a single site and on that basis I propose we take forward both option six {Girling Street} and option seven {the split-site proposal].

The decision came after a heated public meeting, which attracted more than 100 members of the public, where a number of concerns were raised, particularly over concerns of having a split-site bus station.