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Personal trainer goes bigger and bolder with new fitness venture

Having gone months months without earning an income due to the coronavirus pandemic, experienced personal trainer Paul Warner decided he had two choices – call it a day, or go bigger and bolder.

After making a significant investment, the 11-year-veteran of the fitness trade launched a new dedicated facility at Stour Valley Business Centre in Sudbury on Friday, targeted at helping individuals of all ability levels.

Known as Personal Training Centre (PTC) Sudbury, the site in Brundon Lane offers one-to-one and small group training sessions, as well as consultations on how to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Paul, who previously ran Warner Active, Warner Fitness and BlitzFitMe Suffolk, said the new centre is a massive step up in scope from his previous ventures – but he is confident it will be a success.

“It’s a big gamble, but I think I can come out on the other side smiling,” he told the Free Press.

“Before, I was ticking along and it was quite comfortable. I got involved with a little unit last year, but that fell through due to Covid-19, which was devastating.

“I wasn’t earning through March, April, May, June and July. Covid-19 almost made me relook at the business. It was an all-or-nothing scenario.

“I thought, let’s go bigger and bolder and rebrand. I know a lot of people will need help with fitness after Covid-19.”

A former vice-chairman of Cornard Dynamos Football Club, Paul emphasised that PTC Sudbury is not focused solely around exercise at the centre, but also about developing good habits for people to stick to during their daily lives.

As the business grows in the coming months, he also plans to bring in more trainers and nutritional experts – using contacts built up over his time in the industry – to work with his clients.

Paul believes the private sessions will appeal to people who have been apprehensive about going to public gyms, particularly those anxious about the ongoing situation around coronavirus.

“It’s not about just coming in for one hour,” he said. “It’s about creating an environment where people are relaxed and they haven’t got to worry about anything else.

“It’s really targeted at people who are not involved in anything, but need to be, for their own wellbeing.

“I’m pretty much open to anyone who wants to come in here, but I’d like to focus on people at the start of their journey. I want to help them start a new life. I’m not looking too much at people who are already really fit.

“Exercise is probably only 25 per cent of it. They have got to look at their nutrition and look at their daily habits.

“Over the next year, I would like to be filled up with clients, having set them all on the right path in their journeys.

“I’ve got some clients who have been with me for 10 years. That’s the kind of rapport that I’m looking for.

“It’s not a short-term fix. I’m interested in the long journey and changing people’s lives.”