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Suffolk musicians LTP Duo highlight benefits of music to mental health during coronavirus lockdown

During the lockdown periods of the last year, music has been many people’s main form of escape from the tough times.

This served as the inspiration for Escape, the new single released this month by the Suffolk-based LTP Duo, who have, like artists across the country, had to turn to online platforms to fill the void.

Short for Less Than Perfect, LTP Duo was formed two years ago by singer Naomi Horne and guitarist Nik Mills, performing regular gigs at venues such as The Brewery Tap and The Maldon Grey in Sudbury, as well as big events like Sudbury Carnival.

LTP Duo was formed by singer Naomi Horne and guitarist Nik Mills. Contributed picture. (44557016)
LTP Duo was formed by singer Naomi Horne and guitarist Nik Mills. Contributed picture. (44557016)

But, after the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to live events, the pair began pursuing alternative avenues, including live-streamed concerts through social media, while busking outside in between lockdowns.

Naomi, who moved to Hadleigh from Sudbury eight years ago, said it was difficult having gigs cancelled, but the strong response to their online performances had given the duo optimism for the future.

“We’re blown away at how many people have turned to music,” she told the Free Press. “There’s a lot of people watching these live-streams and our feedback is always fantastic.

“When pubs and venues reopen, hopefully, there will be quite a big boom in the industry, as more people realise how much music has got people through the pandemic.

“We’ve both struggled with our mental health, and music has helped us with that. Nik is a recovering addict and has turned to music to deal with that. I get seasonal depression every year and, this year, it has been especially difficult, not being able to gig as much.

“Any avenue we can, we’ve really tried to push our music to it. Our songs are about emotions and telling a story that we hope the listener will connect with.”

Last year, LTP Duo released their debut EP, The Voices in Our Head, with many vocal and instrumental parts recorded remotely and edited at Nik’s home studio.

Naomi, a former Woodhall Primary School and Sudbury Upper School pupil, confirmed the pair have 11 festival bookings for later this year, regulations permitting.

“Our aspirations are to just get our music known as widely as possible, particularly through radio play and hopefully have people saying they really felt the message we were trying to convey,” she added.

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