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Wilds of Mongolia explored at remarkable exhibition

Work by Israeli photographer Asher Svidensky ANL-150428-173139001
Work by Israeli photographer Asher Svidensky ANL-150428-173139001

An art gallery in Long Melford is to showcase two international artists from very different fields, brought together to showcase the wild settings of Mongolia.

John Foley, owner of Imagine Gallery, will feature work by French sculptress Sandra Courlivant and Israeli photographer Asher Svidensky at the One Journey exhibition.

Mr Foley said: “Svidensky started his career as a war photographer with the Israeli Army and, although many of the photographs he took received acclaim, they were not what he really desired to be making; it was a job, not a career.

“All of his life, he had wanted to visit Mongolia, where his dream was to photograph the hunters with eagles.

“Eventually, a year ago, this dream became a reality. He travelled to Mongolia where he visited and photographed the festival of eagle hunters.

“He was living the dream but something was missing, so he travelled further into a more remote region and found that story which forms the basis of the exhibition.”

Sandra Courlivant is renowned for her equine sculptures.

A visit to Mongolia had a dramatic change on her art, prompting her to sculpt a person on one of her horses.

The exhibition runs from May 3 to June 7.