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How The Golfing Hub can help to transform your game

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Golf is enjoying the 'Tiger effect' after Tiger Woods' appearance at The Masters - and we've chatted to The Golfing Hub in Sudbury to find out how this new centre can help with your game.

Tell Suffolk News in broad terms about https://www.thegolfinghub.co.uk/ - how would you explain what's there to a friend at the local coffee shop?

The golfing hub is an amazing indoor golf facility with Trackman & Golfzon golf simulators. You can play golf, get a club fitting, do gapping sessions or have clubs repaired.

The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.
The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.

When was the company set up? And why?

It was set up in September 2021. It was a natural progression as we have been doing the graphic design and print for Vega Golf & Bentley Golf for many years so when asked if we could do their worldwide distribution and club fittings we jumped at the chance. This led to us opening the Hub.

Who's the (no pun intended) driving force behind the venture?

Peter & Adrian are both keen golfers playing off handicaps of 2 & 9 respectively. So it’s pretty much a joint driving force.

Adrian and Peter at The Golfing Hub.
Adrian and Peter at The Golfing Hub.

Tell me about him/her and what's their background?

Peter’s background is in graphic design and print, Adrian’s background is Stationery & Cleaning.

Tell Suffolk News about club fitting. If a high handicap player used an off-the-shelf set of clubs and then a fitted set, would they notice a difference? And what about someone playing off a very low handicap?

Yes, fitted clubs will absolutely make a difference to both standards of ability. For the higher hc players it’s about finding a club head with maximum forgiveness and a shaft that suits their swing speed. Loft lie and shaft length when fitted properly will definitely help the beginner. For the low hc golfer the head will be more geared towards feel as they’ll need less forgiveness, spin and flight are also factors but the rest remains the same with the shaft fitted to their swing speed.

The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.
The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.

One of the key elements for a golfer is knowing what a 9/87/6/5 can produce in yardage terms. Your Personal Gapping Session would seem to address this - how does it work?

A gapping session is done with a member of staff where we work with the player to define the carry & total yardage in normalised conditions with every club in the bag. This allows the golfer to go to the course with confidence that with a true strike the ball will carry a certain distance.

Golfzon and TrackMan- both look very technical and high-spec. Could you explain each one please?

TrackMan is the market leader in golf data, giving countless pieces of data to help players improve their swings. The Trackman simulator is a very high definition system that is like playing on a real course.

Golfzon is much the same as Trackman but with a lot less data the system is more geared to indoor golf and less for teaching or game improvement.

The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.
The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.

Your pro Tim Cooper has 25 years' experience in the golf industry - could you tell Suffolk News a little more about Tim and what his lessons involve, please?

Tim is a PGA Advanced Golf Professional and Club Professional at Newton Green Golf Club with over 25 years experience in the Golf Industry.

He has played golf all over the region and country and has won over 35 times as a PGA Professional holding two course records with rounds of 64 and 66.

He has coached many golfers of all ages and abilities with many of his pupils playing for England, European Tour, US Colleges and others who have qualified as PGA Professional’s under his training.

Tim’s approach to golf coaching is to keep things simple for the pupil to learn and improve quickly with the right advice using the latest in golf technology.

For someone who has never been to The Golfing Hub before, they may be nervous. What's your company ethos? Is it a friendly place to improve golf?

It’s all about customer service and helping our clients. See our trust pilot reviews.

The game has been viewed in the past as maybe one for the older generation - but with the emergence of players like Scottie Scheffler at just 25, has that helped with you being able to attract a far younger set of clients?

We have 4 of the best young players in the county, Monty Scowsill (finalist in British Amateur championship last year), James Biggs recently turned pro, Sam Byford also recently turned pro and Alice Barlow who plays off +1.5. We sponsor each of them with hub time to work on their games.

What's your hope when someone phones you and then turns up at The Golfing Hub? How can they expect to be treated?

They will be treated like they won’t be treated anywhere else, we have a desire to help every single person who walks through our door.

If someone has an old or not top brand set of clubs, should they be put off coming to you?

Absolutely not everyone plays our game their way, the clubs they use are pretty much irrelevant, it's all about how much they enjoy the experience at the Hub.

If I could give you a magic wand, what would be your wish for The Golfing Hub over the next five years?

I’d like us to help promote golf in Suffolk, support youth development and have 6 sim bays which are busy 7 days a week 52 weeks.

The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.
The Golfing Hub in Sudbury.

The Golfing Hub is at Middleton Road, Middleton, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 7LL. Full info here: https://www.thegolfinghub.co.uk/