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Overseas professional Shane Dadswell will not be coming to Friars Street as Sudbury Cricket Club planning for 2020 season to be wiped out due to coronavirus

Sudbury Cricket Club chairman Louis Brooks has revealed they are planning for the ‘real possibility’ of there being no competitive 2020 season amid the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

While hoping that dire forecast is not fully realised, the Friars Street club’s committee have taken actions to safeguard the financial future of the East Anglian Premier League club.

Notably, they have pulled out of an agreement to bring record-breaking South African batsman Shane Dadswell to Suffolk, even if the season – which had been due to start for the first team on Saturday with a home game with Cambridge and end in mid September – does get started.

Sudbury, Suffolk. Sudbury Cricket Club ground. ..Picture: MARK BULLIMORE. (33444433)
Sudbury, Suffolk. Sudbury Cricket Club ground. ..Picture: MARK BULLIMORE. (33444433)

It was announced in November the North West Dragons player, who hit headlines around the world two years ago when hitting 490 from 151 ballsin a 50-over match for NWU Pukke, was set to come to Suffolk this summer.

But Brooks, who had been about to start his sixth season as the club’s chairman, said: “We will just go without now as the club’s financial survival is more important as we need to make sure there is a club there for next season.

“We will cope and go with what we have got.

“I would be surprised if any clubs are thinking of doing that (going with an overseas).

“We made that decision three or four weeks ago and we felt we just had to bite that bullet really.

“Shane has been absolutely fine about it and there has been no problems as he understood.

“Hopefully we will get him back in the future, if we can afford it.”

With the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) having suspended the professional game until May 28 and the recreational game indefinitely, Brooks is not overly optimistic of getting much competitive action in at Friars Street this year, if any.

But the club’s Cricket Week, set for July 20, and a big source of their usual projected income for the summer, is being kept in the calendar, for now.

“We have just had to batten down the hatches really and plan for the worse and hope for a bit better,” he said.

CRICKET - Sudbury Cricket Week ....PICTURE: Mecha Morton. (33584367)
CRICKET - Sudbury Cricket Week ....PICTURE: Mecha Morton. (33584367)

“We may get some cricket later in the year but we have had to cancel all our social events.

“We have not cancelled Cricket Week yet as we are going to wait. Hopefully it will be ok and people will want to come down for a bit of a party for that.”

While he is confident the club can ride their way through the next 12 months, he admits it is going to be tough.

“We have been trying to plan the different financial scenarios and if we have no cricket it is not good for us as we still have costs to pay, such as the rent on the pavilion, licences and insurance.

SUDBURY: Sudbury Cricket Week Day 3 .Sudbury Cricket & Hockey Club, Pavilion Quay Lane Sudbury cricket team Picture by Mark Westley. (33584347)
SUDBURY: Sudbury Cricket Week Day 3 .Sudbury Cricket & Hockey Club, Pavilion Quay Lane Sudbury cricket team Picture by Mark Westley. (33584347)

“If there is no cricket we do not have a bar which is our main income and we are not going to get subs.

“The ECB are opening a grant scheme that we may be able to get help from but I guess they will be inundated with that and we just don’t know.”

He added: “It is just a shame. We are definitely going to lose all the junior fixtures as they are early in the season.

“If we do get something in August, hopefully we can run some junior cricket then.”

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