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Leaping Hare information centre showcasing town in videos to get people to 'Leap into Thetford'

Thetford’s information centre has been filming a collection of videos to showcase to residents and future visitors what is on offer in and around the town.

Leaping Hare’s ‘Leap into Thetford’ videos, started by former volunteer Jake Shannon around a year ago, already include the town’s World War Two Pillbox defences to, most recently, Castle Hill.

Corinne Fulford, a director at Leaping Hare, said: “We started because we wanted to provide good content for our customers and the fact that Thetford has a lot of history to tell with stories some may not have heard before.”

Corinne said filming across the town was still ongoing with a list created by the centre’s six volunteers and they hoped to make an extensive collection for their website and YouTube channel.

She said: “We want to show how incredible Thetford is and that we have things here that pretty much tick every era through history.

“Few towns can say that and that is what makes Thetford so magical for residents and for visitors once they can come back again.”

MIke Wabe inside Elveden Church for a Duleep Singh memorial video by Leaping Hare. (45687274)
MIke Wabe inside Elveden Church for a Duleep Singh memorial video by Leaping Hare. (45687274)

On April 12, Leaping Hare’s office, in King Street, will reopen but Corinne wants filming to continue and also include collaborations with different age groups and organisations in the town.

She said: “If it happens in Thetford, it is interesting and you want to talk about it we want to make a film about it to promote this town.”

For more details, go to leapinghare.org or visit the centre’s YouTube channel.

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