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The roaster turning coffee into an art form

From the whole team at Butterworth & Son we hope all our customers and supporters managed to have a restful festive period and new year. We are lucky enough to be starting our 2022 with a celebration of our head roaster, Tom.

Tom started over a decade ago with Butterworth & Son, just as it was branching out and finding its feet in the coffee world, and he’s just passed his 10-year roasting anniversary on January 4. We could attempt to estimate the volume of roasts he has done in this period, but it would be nearly impossible. It is definitely in the thousands!

Having any staff member stay for such a long time is an achievement for any establishment, but it does have a special feeling when it’s an independent family business. Butterworth & Son has experienced a lot of changes and challenges in the last decade (especially the last two years!), but having such a core member of the staff during this time can make all the difference. Tom has done it all, from festivals to coffee stalls to markets.

Coffee art (54361600)
Coffee art (54361600)

Although we may take for granted Tom’s immense talent, not everyone knows that he doesn’t just do the important job of roasting our coffee to perfection. He also creates all our artwork, including the iconic ‘Coffee Man’ logo, which to Tom’s dismay he actually is not a fan of. . . a quick sketch he drew up many moons ago which is now reflected on almost every product we sell.

Tom came from a creative background with a love of coffee, almost as if his role at Butterworth’s was created specially for him, unbeknownst even to owner Rob! Every label, piece of artwork on our website, coaster and poster is hand drawn (sometimes digitally, it is the 21st century) by Tom. His style has definitely gone through different phases and explorations, which we love, it means we have a map through the years of colour, textures and patterns.

We know a lot of people have collected the decorative coasters we send out with our beans throughout the years, so if you have a little stack somewhere in your home be sure to look at them with a new-found appreciation and think of Tom sketching away while the beans roast. Be sure to also keep an eye out on our website during 2022 for new merch and coffee-related bits featuring Tom’s artwork, as we have lots of exciting ideas.

Butterworth & Son's coffee art (54361604)
Butterworth & Son's coffee art (54361604)

Butterworth & Son coffee roasters and tea smiths are based on Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds

Owner Rob Butterworth’s job takes him around the world visiting coffee farms to source great coffees

Visit butterworthandson.co.uk