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Shed exploration planned in Bury St Edmunds

Channel 4 is appealing to the people of Bury St Edmunds in the hope of being welcomed into your shed.

Presenters Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien planning to explore sheds and other out-buildings in order to uncover items to restore and sell as part of an upcoming TV show called Find It, Fix It, Flog, which will commence in March 2020.

While sheds are the main buildings of interest, Channel 4 would also like to hear from people with garages, lock-ups, barns and other buildings which might contain interesting items.

This isn't the first time Channel 4 have taken an in interest in the town, as seen in this story

Anyone who thinks they have something unusual, unique or simply worthy of restoration which is stored in an out-building can contact the team and put themselves forward to be involved.

The show comes from the creators of Shed & Buried and Junk & Disorderly.

Every care will be taken to ensure that the exact locations or addresses of people involved are not revealed in the footage.

Anyone who wants to get involved should contact info@hcaentertainment.com