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Culture: A passion for coffee by Paddy & Scott's

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Paddy and Scott's Bury (4709808)
Paddy and Scott's Bury (4709808)

I love coffee. I love the smell, the taste, the way it makes me feel. I love trying different origins, roast profiles and travelling the world discovering new flavours and meeting the farmers. I get a sense of pride when I walk into one of my coffee shops; I genuinely want to shout out: “Hey that’s my name over the door, the coffee’s on me everyone!”

Owning a brand that produces and distributes the black stuff allows me to meet people for a coffee and say I’m working. Paddy & Scott’s is about fuelling ambition. It’s where our bean team hatch new ideas, talk about developing customers and it’s how I meet budding entrepreneurs whose innovative ideas will revolutionise the coffee industry.

I recently read an article in one of the Sunday papers where customers of a London coffee brand are being told to wait at least 10 minutes for a hand-brewed dripper coffee – you may be asking what is a dripper coffee? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

I feel our industry is going through the ‘nouveau cuisine’ stage: tiny portions served on large plates with lots of frothed jus, served luke warm and over-priced. . .“You have to try this single origin, honey processed El Salvadoran peaberry; so lightly roasted the parchments hardly removed, so bright it’s like drinking lemon juice infused with quinine, dude, it’ll take me 10 minutes to make it but it’s worth the wait.” I kid you not, I’m starting to develop an unhealthy craving for a quarter pounder with cheese – served quickly!

Here at Paddy & Scott’s it’s all about you; about our growing community. It’s coffee served how you want it, in your cup: large, small or takeaway. If you want two sugars in your latte, then you do it! We’re not about fads, fake coffee empires, tattooed hipsters, or it being ‘all about the bean’. We focus on how coffee makes you feel, and how we can better serve our customers, not just in our Suffolk coffee shops but all over the UK and the rest of the world. It’s about doing great things and fuelling ambition. Our coffee roasted your way – it’s as simple as that.

Scott Russell

CEO Paddy and Scott’s

Scott Russell is a member of the European Expo 2019 Steering Panel

Paddy & Scott’s

Abbeygate Street and Abbeycroft Leisure Centre, Bury St Edmunds,

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