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Coffee column: How Peru coffee is filling cups galore across Suffolk, by Leon Wolfenden

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Freeman Trading is a specialist independent coffee trading company. Managing both risk and logistics, we facilitate in the delivery to market of some of the finest organically produced coffee’s from Peru. From Specialty Coffee Association Cup Winners to Grade 1 blending components we provide coffees from across the quality spectrum without compromise to our ethical policy.

For our clients such as Butterworth and Son who seek a greater understanding of the supply chain we offer and provide tailor-made origin trips. Back in August 2017, together with Robert Butterworth, we visited several producers to better understand their needs. We cupped and selected some amazing coffees that eventually landed in the Butterworth roasterie.

Rob Butterworth (5817481)
Rob Butterworth (5817481)

These inspiring and thought provoking journeys help to create a sustainable coffee industry by bridging the gap between roaster and producer, which gives power to achieving a solid and sustainable value chain. This direct approach is key to gaining a full understanding and insight into the needs and requirements of all parties involved, communicating with producers about varietals and various processing methods allows for old and new world knowledge to be shared in order to raise the quality of the coffee. This in turn, helps raise the price that the farmers receive. In some cases we provide pre-financing to assist with infrastructure to implement these projects. With current world prices for coffee barely covering the production cost, dialogue is by far the greatest path to achieving and maintaining a long term alliance. By offering prices above that of standard certification rates, based on quality, our farmers are incentivized. To guarantee this we contract ahead of the season, providing finance, security, stability and harmony within the value chain. Thus, protecting vulnerable farmers and their families from the volatile fluctuations of the commodity market.

Our policy of “Organic as standard” not only financially supports but protects the farmer, consumer and the environment. Shade grown coffee relies upon and therefore, protects hardwood trees from illegal logging. These complicated ecosystems provide oxygen, bio-diversity and are also habitats for migrating wildlife. We believe this ethical approach not only has a positive impact on people’s lives but that the symbiosis of ecology and economy provides what we feel is a true road to sustainability in the coffee supply chain. With support from roasters such as Butterworth and Son we can achieve this purpose.

Leon Wolfenden

Co Founder

Freeman Trading