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Paddy & Scott's Jess Palmer gives us tips for a fast caffeine fix

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The long, lazy days of summer are finished. Kids (and teachers) are back to school, students are back at their studies and there’s a whiff of autumn in the air. With darker mornings and the inevitable snooze button tennis, you need your first coffee of the day to be fuss-free, delicious and energising. Now more than ever we need our coffee in a hurry! So here are our best tips for a fast caffeine fix to get your day off to the most productive start:

Coffee on the go

Invest in a decent travel mug. Voila! Coffee on the go just got a whole lot easier and a lot eco-friendlier. Whether you’re making your morning brew at home or ordering from a barista; a reusable travel mug is a modern-day must-have. Our Paddy & Scott’s travel mugs are double walled to keep your coffee piping hot for longer, so even really busy and really forgetful people can stay fuelled.

Speedy home-brewing

For coffee lovers on the run instant coffee is the quickest way to get your caffeine fix – the clue is in the name, of course. But for fans of a proper cup of coffee this just doesn’t hit the spot. So how do you brew a great cup of coffee at home in a hurry?

Our pre-ground coffees are a great option for time-saving and come in a range of blends and flavour profiles. Whether you need a punchy wake-up call (Wakey Wakey) or a mellow anytime coffee (Easy Days) we’ve got an option for any time or mood.

The quickest and simplest brewing method for home-drinkers is the trusty cafetière. Add 15-20g of ground coffee and 250ml of just boiled water per person, leave for 3-5 minutes before plunging and serving.

Innovative coffee fans can’t go wrong by splashing out on an Aeropress for their morning cup. These handy gadgets use a mixture of pressure and time to extract a great tasting coffee. Place a filter inside the cap, stand the Aeropress on a mug or jug, add a scoop of ground coffee per serving (15-18g), slowly pour in hot water to the desired level (the side is numbered to help you out). Next, pop the plunger into the top and push downwards allowing the pressure to extract the coffee over the course of around 30 seconds. This will make a fairly strong, espresso style coffee so add hot water to taste.

The ultimate coffee without fuss:

If your mornings are more hectic than most; we’ve got the ultimate hack: Coffee Brew Bags. These travel-friendly, biodegradable pouches contain freshly-ground coffee for one. Simply pop into a cup, add hot water and remove after 3-5mins for a truly speedy refuel.

We originally developed these as an in-room offer for hotels, but they’ve proved so popular we now stock them on our website as a month’s supply for people who want a high-quality cup of coffee on the run.

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