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Rob Butterworth tells us how his company is helping coffee farms and co-operatives to achieve great things

Butterworth & Son are renowned for offering some of the best coffee in the region, a reputation not earnt overnight and not without a great deal of support from many customers over many years.

A solid reputation takes years to build and is based not solely on a one-off product that is stand-out in quality or value but on year-in, year-out consistency – this takes time and a lot of energy to achieve.

Our Coffees of the World programme helps farms and co-operatives starting out on this journey, communities that need a little bit of support, a little bit of cash to help them achieve great things. Coffee trees take years to bear their first fruit from seedlings and the first harvest can be a steep non-profitable learning curve. Sometimes the coffees aren’t fantastic (in no means rubbish either), but the communities they come from are worth supporting, worth paying a little bit more for the coffee, because given time and help in the form of trade communities like the Shora will be farming some of the best coffees to come out of Peru, I have no doubt.

This month we will be featuring two honey processed coffees, one from India and one from Peru. Both available in Folk café or Guat’s Up! – whole beans or ground for your preference.

Coffee producer Emilio Morales (10821313)
Coffee producer Emilio Morales (10821313)

Emilio Morales is an organic coffee producer of the indigenous Shora community, belonging to the Notmashigenga ethnic group. They are located in the District of Pangoa in the Province of Satipo, part of the Junín Region in Peru.

Emilio is the second generation of coffee farmers in his family, his farm is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, he cultivates the varieties of Catimor and Catuai. His honey process is carried out where the coffee is grown, manually processed and then dried in the solar dryers. Emilio has 1.5 hectares of coffee and this crop is grown under the natural tree cover conserving the biodiversity of his natural environment.

Rob owns Butterworth & Son coffee roasters and tea smiths, based on Moreton Hall, and Guat’s Up! café in Guildhall Street.

His job takes him around the world visiting coffee farms to source great coffees.