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What you can see as Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Lackford Lakes transition into winter

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As the last of the leaves begin to fall around the reserve, we move from autumn to winter in the natural world.

Throughout this time of year, the weather is very variable, and this leads to the lakes looking and feeling quite different. Throughout this past month I have been taking photos of the lakes as they change with the weather.

Let’s start with a misty/foggy day over the lakes. These days are very still and all you can see is shapes around the edges of the lakes. You can hear the calls of ducks and lapwings coming from somewhere out over the lakes and then as you watch, the mist slowly lifts to reveal what birds maybe feeding on the lakes.

Frosty leaves by Mike Andrews (24011961)
Frosty leaves by Mike Andrews (24011961)

We have also had a few frosty mornings and during these days the trees/shrubs around the reserve are coated with ice creating a nice wintery feel. These days also tend to be quite still with little wind and are often some of the best days for taking photos of the lakes. The light on those days can be perfect and the reflections of the sky/trees in the lakes make a really nice photo.

Then you get the inbetween days – where it is cloudy and during those days the reserve feels different again. You can hear the wind whistling through the trees and watch the ducks struggling against the waves on our lakes.

So why not visit on different weather days to get a different feel from the reserve. As we move through the winter months, we should get more of what we have seen in recent weeks – more frosts and perhaps some snowy scenes like we got last January around the lakes.

Mike Andrews, Visitor team, Lackford Lakes