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Bury Theatre Workshop's performance of Henrik Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea keeps the audience wondering until the end, says Robert Wright

The Bury Theatre Workshop’s production of Henrik Ibsen's moving play was performed in the round at the quaint Unitarian Meeting House in Bury St Edmunds.

The intimacy of this venue brought home the ghosts which both main characters were carrying.

Once you settle into the plot you are drawn in and wonder how it will pan out.

The Unitarian Meeting House on Churchgate Street in Bury.. (21349183)
The Unitarian Meeting House on Churchgate Street in Bury.. (21349183)

Wangel (John Linton) and his wife Ellida (Susan Richardson) were troubled people but the passionate performances they gave was excellent. One had a deceased spouse and the other a past love who still had a hold, so there were demons to overcome.

Written in 1888 it explores the issues of marriage and liberty and the oppressed role of the woman. Audience reaction was interesting to the male dominated issues of the time.

You were never sure what Ellida would decide so Ibsen’s ending was perhaps disappointing in the neat way it turned out.

By Robert Wright