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REVIEW: Gym and Tonic, by John Godber, at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Should you plan a stay at a health club retreat, this little number from John Godber might provide a hint about some strange people you could encounter.

However, this play is not the best of John Godber’s creations. I felt it mundane and lacking punch and grit. The second half improved a bit – and it’s no criticism of the excellent acting.

There was quite a bit to laugh at and the characters were interesting. Jacqueline Naylor was excellent in her multi roles including Gertrude, which had rings of Mrs Richards from Fawlty Towers. She stole the show for me.

Gym and Tonic review (19887801)
Gym and Tonic review (19887801)

Don and Shirley had reached the boredom level in their marriage and efforts to ignite some passion fell on stony ground. Enter Robert Angel, who portrayed the would-be playboy Ken and saw an opportunity in Shirley.

I thought the ending became deeper and thought provoking, with no room for laughter.

Robert Wright