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Suffolk band Fleas who met at West Suffolk College back with single, EP and live show at Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds

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More than three years after their debut gig at the Hunter Club, local punk/alt rock five-piece Fleas return to the same stage to launch a new single (May 27) AND an EP (June 3).

Meeting while studying at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds back in 2018, the band, which now consists of Pedro Forte (lead vocalist), Millie Honour (bass guitar), Ryan Meyers (drums), Sam Tolputt (rhythm guitar) and Jason Grubb (lead guitar), embarked upon a journey of rock music, one which, pre-Covid, afforded a number of highs.

Speaking ahead of their upcoming double release, Pedro Forte said: “Our first gig was something like six months after we first met and we were still finding out what it was we wanted.

Fleas are appearing at The Hunter Club later this month
Fleas are appearing at The Hunter Club later this month

“It’s still a learning process now as well, but that first gig, supporting Dingus Khan. . . everything was very different for us back then to what we are now, but it was a really good experience, especially as it was a sold out gig.

“We learnt a lot that night about the industry as a whole, how to be both on and off the stage, but a lot has also changed since then and we’ve had to change with it.”

One of the things Pedro and his fellow alt rockers have changed is their ‘character’, producing an amplified, different persona when performing to their real-life.

They met while studying at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds
They met while studying at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds

The past two years of the global pandemic has also had a lasting effect and the band has undergone something of a transformation.

Readily admitting to being two very different bands, Pedro added: “Before Covid, we were right up there, entered and won BurySound, unanimously as well,” said Pedro. “All of a sudden there was all that pressure on us, then Covid hit and the momentum was lost.

“We had to adapt like everyone else and try to figure out what we could do, even changing our bass player (university beckoned there).”

Although the band did manage to release some music during the pandemic – a double single and a three-track EP – Pedro also looked into the background and the psychology of music.

But, with nothing really moving, nothing happening in regards live music, they bided their time. . . until now.

Having put a few performances under their belts, the five-piece are ready for the upcoming single and EP release and a string of gigs.

“That first gig back, it was great to see that we could still perform,” laughed Pedro. “Then it was back to BurySound, which really was a great confidence-booster for us and now it’s up and at ‘em.

“With the EP, one of the tracks on there was demo’d a few years ago, but we were wanting a more concise project – we set ourselves deadlines and wanted it to be a much bigger project, to be as good as it could be, and we’ve worked with Glitter Shop in order to get things how we wanted.”

Now, for Pedro, for Fleas and the Suffolk music scene, it’s time to celebrate and it’s time for the fans to see what the band can do.

“We’ll do the launch show, then release the EP,” explained Pedro. “It is a celebration of good music, and our supports have been with us from the beginning, so really it’s a party with friends.”

Fleas, with support from Collars, Harry D Cranberry, and Matt Reaction, take to the stage on Saturday, May 28 at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds.