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It’s time to pat ourselves on the back for adapting during the pandemic and look forward to what we can achieve in the new year, says Butterworth and Son’s Lauren Small

Let’s not beat around the bush. . . this year has thrown all sorts of obstacles our way, and I think it’s fair to say that most of us, if not all, are eagerly waiting for the new year. With the approach of 2021 comes the promise of fresh ideas, robust resolutions and, of course, even more delicious coffee.

However, let’s not take away from how far each of us, businesses and individuals alike, have come despite the circumstances. From the farmers on the highest mountains, to the baristas in the smallest towns, and from the industry leaders to local roasters, the coffee community has not only survived this year, but thrived.

Here at Butterworth and Son we have kept our smiles bright and cups full. The motivation and unity shown by the team has ensured that home drinkers and café enthusiasts have always had access to their favourite cup.

Butterworth & Son (43659870)
Butterworth & Son (43659870)

We have worked hard to adapt our business to suit those on the frontlines, and those at home. With an updated website and active social media, we have continually provided our customers with the support needed. This year, we know that it’s the little things that have mattered more than ever, and although you may not have been able to hug your loved ones, we hope we have provided some form of comfort with our warm coffees and flavourful teas.

We are so excited for the next 12 months. We have loads of great ideas and new products we are itching to share with you and we cannot wait to continue to connect with our old customers and welcome the new.

So, as the new year gets closer, let us remember what we have achieved, and if we have managed to do so much this year, imagine how great 2021 will be!

Butterworth coffee (43659872)
Butterworth coffee (43659872)

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