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Paddocks Primary School in Newmarket retains ‘good’ Ofsted rating following May inspection

Staff and pupils at a Newmarket primary school have been celebrating after retaining their good rating in a recent Ofsted inspection.

The inspectors who visited Paddocks Primary School said it was evident during lessons and assemblies and in the playground that children enjoyed the sense of belonging within the school community where an inclusive environment ensured that all pupils and their unique qualities were valued.

The school made sure that pupils learned about fundamental British values but also enjoyed learning about different lifestyles and beliefs and understood the importance of respecting others’ differences, said the inspectors.

Paddocks Primary School headteacher Amanda Thompson and the school council celebrate a good Ofsted rating. Picture: Keith Heppell
Paddocks Primary School headteacher Amanda Thompson and the school council celebrate a good Ofsted rating. Picture: Keith Heppell

The report said that pupils worked hard to fulfil the school’s high expectations and understood the importance of learning.

“Pupils work with determination and aim for the highest levels of success,” said the report.

“They proudly share their achievements and when provided with feedback from teachers diligently follow the advice.”

The school’s focus on spoken language saw pupils communicate their ideas articulately and, during discussions, listen to the views of others and share any alternative perspectives. This extended to pupils with special educational need who might find communication tricky but also learnt to express themselves capably.

There was praise in the report for curriculum plans, introduced in recent years, which ensured knowledge was gained in a logical order and, from Reception onwards, pupils built on the knowledge they had gained.

“The school’s guidance makes clear exactly what pupils must know and understand,” said the report. “They are well prepared for their next steps in education.”

Leaders at the school had built positive relations with parents, staff and the wider community, said the inspectors.

“For example, the ‘pony club’ is a joint venture with local businesses and the school and gives pupils first-hand experience about the horseracing industry,” they said.

Parents and staff were were highly positive about the school while governors carried out their duties effectively and worked well with leaders to ensure pupils were given a high standard of education.

Paddocks headteacher Amanda Thompson welcomed the report.

“We are delighted that the inspectors recognised both how well our children achieve and also our strong and inclusive school community ethos which we are very proud of ,” she said.